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Simple camisole leotard, pink footed tights, pink ballet slippers.

Advised leotard colors:

★ 5th Division: burgundy

★ 4th Division: eggplant

★ 3rd Division: black

★ 2nd Division: white

★ 1st Division: white, white wrap skirt

Long hair must be neatly tied and secured away from the face (bun, twist). Short hair must be neatly held away from the face with a headband and/or bobby pins.




White T-shirt, black bike shorts, white socks, white shoes.




If you are new to ballet and do not have ballet gear, wear fitted yoga clothes, such as shorts/leggings and an athletic top. If you do not have ballet slippers, you can wear jazz shoes.



  • Wear appropriate ballet attire, including ballet slippers. Colors and styles are of you choosing.
  • Baggy cover-ups, jewelry, cosmetics, and perfume are not encouraged during class.
  • Long hair must be neatly tied and secured away from the face (bun, twist, French braid). Short hair must be neatly held away from the face with a headband and/or bobby pins.



  • Dance belt.
  • Long hair should be tied back so that it does not interfere with dancing.
  • Jewelry is not encouraged during class.


Floor Barre, Stretch, Core classes

Appropriate, comfortable athletic attire. Please wear socks for Floor-Barre.

Bring your own yoga mat.


Where to buy dance attire

  • Dancer Dejour - in Menlo Park gives a 10% discount to students from Cassand Ballet.
  • If you perform with Cassand Ballet, Capezio in Mountain View has recorded the type of tights that we use for performance. Gear purchased for performances get a 10% discount.
  • Discount Dance Supply - use code TP51549 to get 10% discount.



Arriving at the studio

  • Please park behind the building. The entrance is by the parking lot.
  • Arrive early and prepared for class. Sign in & pay for class BEFORE starting the class. Class begins promptly at the scheduled time.
  • Let the teacher know before class starts if you have any injury or illness that may prevent you from doing a certain movement.
  • If you are a regular student and have to miss a class, please send an email to let the teacher know so he/she does not worry about you.
  • Silent your cell phone or turn it off during class.
  • Store your items neatly in one of the cubbies.



  • First-time students, cash only.
  • Payments for classes are due PRIOR to the start of class.
  • We accept checks, cashier's checks, and cash.
    Checks made payable to Cassand Ballet Company
  • There is a $45 fee for returned checks.
  • No out-of-state checks accepted.
  • NO REFUNDS. Refunds may only be issued in the case of serious illness or injury confirmed by a doctor's certificate.
  • YOUTH PROGRAM: You have the choice of paying the entire semester's tuition or MONTHLY FEE OVER 5 MONTHS COMMITMENT. Monthly dues are payable by the 1st of each month. LATE FEE of $5/day FOR EACH DAY LATE.


In the studio

  • No street shoes nor hard sole shoes in the studio.
  • Cell phone if is in the studio must be turned off, or silent, during class.
  • Food, drinks, chewing gum are not allowed inside the studio. The exception to this is water bottles. Water spills must be cleaned immediately.
  • Maintain proper hygiene, including the proper care of any open wounds, and minimizing the spread of bacteria and viruses (cold/flu). If you sustain an open injury during a session, whether it be small or large, please apply a covering to the area immediately. The first aid supplies are available in the studio.
  • Rosin may not be used as it damages the dance flooring. Use a water spray bottle instead.
  • Avoid chatting during class to focus on dancing.
  • Teachers in the French tradition use hands on to help your awareness of proper alignment. This is not massage. Try to remember and reproduce the position later without the teacher’s help. If you do not wish to have hands on, please tell the teacher the first time you take his/her class.
  • Team spirit: Advanced students should help care for less advanced students. At the barre, advanced students are placed with new or less advanced students so they can watch and follow. In center, at least one advanced student would lead a group of less advanced to cross the floor.


Use of the Common Area

All students are expected to contribute to the care of the facility by cleaning up after themselves. We want the studio space to be aesthetically sound. Snacks or food must be removed from the studio. Do not leave anything in the cubbies and/or dressing room. Cassand Ballet is not responsible for articles left behind.


Leaving the studio

  • Wear clothing that covers your dance wear prior to leaving the studio.
  • Parents must pick up their child on time.
  • At the end of an evening class, when it is dark, please make sure that the person who locks up the studio does not stay behind alone.


Conflict resolution

If you have a problem with a teacher, staff member or another student, please try first address the issue directly with the party involved. The most preferable approach at Cassand Ballet would be a face to face, secondly a phone conversation, and lastly through writing. This is because we believe the body has the most sincere expression and that could help resolve conflicts. If a satisfactory resolution is not met, the school can set up an active listening session between the parties and a mediator.


If you have a problem with the training program please deliver a verbal or written statement of the complaint to the Cassand Ballet office, which will be reviewed and answered within one week of the complaint.


Non-Discrimination/Non-Harassment Policy

Cassand Ballet does not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or economic status. Cassand Ballet is committed to treating all persons with respect and dignity, and maintaining a dance environment free from any form of discrimination or harassment.



Rodolphe Cassand - Artistic Director

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